Posted by: keiranazril | December 9, 2009

Master me..

Seriously i’m being too lazy to do anything..oh God please help me..just a few months more..then i’ll be free..really need to complete my dissertatation and somehow i’m going crazy by changing my topic..what’s wrong with me..perhaps i just wanted to give the best i can and resulted of being undecided.

sometimes it is like a burdensome lingering on me..i need energy to boost my spirit..emm i wonder whether it is a sign that i’m getting old and can’t take anymore studies..Yeah studies..taking about it makes me realized that i’ve been a such “consistent” student..very consistent..that at this age i’m still open books n read n write and present..typical student haaa!!!

i did my diploma , degree and flew to london to get my ACCA, still haven’t complete huhu..came back to Malaysia, got a job as an audit associate at one of the big4 firms..married!!! he wanted a wife who can spend time with family rather than stuck in front of the laptop 24/7….now here i am..struggling to complete my master..oohhh please don’t mention about PHD..long way to go..i need to start a family and living normal..

enough said..till then …



  1. heh is this a cry for help?
    at list u’ve done the typical “Malay lady-list”

    study, grad, work, get married, further study etc

    i still am stuck at study, grad, work. tk ke mana2!

    somehow we feel like we want to be in someone else’s shoes, while at times sebenarnya people wanted to be in our shoes. hah, at least that’s what i feel!

    miss u la

    balik la kl. i’m all alone! 🙂

  2. la..kdg2 i tense gak..byk leisure time pun x best gak coz ..x dpt nk buat pape..boring..miss u too 🙂

    my responsibility lies here babe..huhu

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