Posted by: keiranazril | December 6, 2009

something for her..

home alone again…busy man vs desperate hswife..i am so so week will do my best to complete the company’s account.I wonder how much u gonna pay me darl ??.

Yesterday went out to MITC melaka PC fair..first intention of course looking for a new netbook for me..i’ve been eyeing this sony vaio W series  and hubby agreed in advance to get me one..(he is being so keen to get the wife using smaller version of notebook) .pity me for carrying  heavy laptop since forever..once we found variety of models and way cheaper than vaio..i’ve changed my mind (with the “help” from him for sure)..typical business minded..CUT CUT CUT somemore..haish!!!

 my first love …nice ha..and it is PINK !!!


he said.. pink xnk la..try black ke ??? hey ..i’m the one who are going to use is too common dear we looked n surveyed, thinked n final decison ..


HP mini white swirl….:).okla kan..not too bad.. thanks a lot to my husband for paying this u more n more 😉



  1. hahaha hubby akk pn kate geli kaler pink..cisss yg kte mint tu la yg die komplen..hehehe

  2. hehe..memag..dia kalu boleh ambil hitam je

  3. i like it!
    lappie ku dh setahun usianya tp i dh boring. boleh?

    hampeh. nasib baik u tk beli pink coz i nyesal bought pink. nk kene beli skin ni.

    ps: bagusla kecik sikit sbb slalu kt midvalley i yg kesian tgk u carry lappie berat2 smpi terpaksa offer bawakkan 🙂

  4. haha..tau xpe..but until now x guna sgt pun coz..duk umah hehe

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