Posted by: keiranazril | October 12, 2009

I had a dream…


(the location,still in progress)

Alhamdulillah last friday  09/10/09, we had settled the 10% home  deposit to the developer..insyalllah by year 2011, we will move out to this new house..For time being this is what we can afford to :)..Since this is the first time we bought a property ..thus, it requires lots of effort and time incurred. I remembered before we hooked up with this house, hubby and I used to survey so many places, so many launching (free food !!!) and tonnes of pamphlet obtained..still we can’t make up our mind.Some developers do offer free gifts like electrical appliances, furnitures n etc but the location was not appealing at all..It was so difficult for both of us to agree on the same house, design and importantly location…Well.. you are talking about buying a property costing RM 150k – 250K..of course we need a detailed of deliberation an discussion.

This house is not really in my top priority…huhu coz i have others in my mind..but thinking of our economic condition right now this is the best  :)..hubby loves the location so much :).. 

Sneak Preview…



above is the 2nd phase that has been completed..ours will be the same design:)


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