Posted by: keiranazril | October 2, 2009

work out!!!

I’m so exhaused this morning..can’t even get from the bed..perhaps due to last nite work out, hubby n i did..(not that kind of work out ;). We went to this gym for the first time..i used to exercise long before but after married seems i dun get enuff time. We are so determined to keep fit and stay healthy..hopefully this routine will last forever..Last time we used to play tennis, n do some jogging . emmm i’m thinking to start back my YOGA ..but still contemplating..last nite work-out was superb..sweat like a P**..guess i’m not that fit..after the threadmill session, i  felt a bit dizzy n nauseous..pening giller !!!!!

my nadal 🙂




  1. apesal u tk main skali?
    remind me bawak racket tennis and squash nnti g PD. boleh challenge boy. heh.

    tk sbr. tk sbr. tk sbr. nk g pd.

  2. hehe..i tgh break time ni..suddenly ada uncle ni asked boy challenged anak dia..i duk je la..ok ok will do 🙂

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