Posted by: keiranazril | June 9, 2009


Noticed this lovely flower in our garden which was planted by my sweet hubby..I’m not certain the name but it can easily be found in our backyard..specifically in the swamp..really a swamp :)..ade bewok lagi..scary.

But the one i love most is the bamboo plant at the back..nice ha..also hubby yg tanam..i’m the supporter 🙂


Blooming beautifully




  1. sejuk tgn boy ek khair..tanam pokok terus hidup..klu aku bkn main liat lagi nk idup..

    lah ni ko stay kat mana je..

  2. haha..tu la..tgn aku pun x mcm tu..aku stay kt malim umah in law..xd org jg umah ni..coz semua dh pindah umbai..aku n boy berdua je 🙂

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