Posted by: keiranazril | November 20, 2008

Another treat…



Another entry for my assignment during last’s like a tradition when it comes to raya celebration i’ll bake cakes for family n frens..lucky my hubby also a big fan of it..not a professional, but hey..i can baked 😉 n cook enjoy viewing frens



  1. hehe. looks yummilicious!!!

    isy mmg la kite kene buat business ni. tp first kene beli oven besar and mahal! (my dream tu)..

    this is vanilla with icing? or else?

  2. hehee..normal icing la dear..butter, icing sugar n a splash of milk

  3. terliur akak tengok..ehehehe..

  4. so scrumptious babe!! x sempat nak bljr wat cake..ehehehe 😉

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